Bay Area native Anna Muradyan can be found napping on her couch contemplating the subconscious meanings of her dreams. Muradyan’s subject matter includes depictions of her Armenian heritage, defined by abstract figures going about everyday Armenian domestic scenes, specifically eating dinner on a busy dining room table. Growing up isolated from her culture, Armenian food had always been a way she felt connected to her heritage.

Muradyan uses color theory in order to make complementary color choices liven up the figures; these color choices are extremely saturated. Figures are painted in a myriad of long or short brushstrokes, layering bands of color in order to keep details ambiguous whilst building depth and form. With this lack in detail, these figures may be under the theme of the Armenian culture, but still show that these domestic scenes are everyday things that anyone of any background can relate to, which was something Muradyan always wanted; she has always wanted to find a way to relate to you.


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